Core Competent Technologies provides a range of Apple based services and solutions to consumers and businesses in the mid-south. We enjoy working with our customers to help them utilize their Apple technology in a more efficient manner. 

Apple Repairs and Upgrades

Repairing or upgrading your older Mac is a good way to help extend its life and buy some more time before you have to buy a new one.  Some of the more common issues we see are power related issues, broken LCD Panels, failing Hard Drives, faulty RAM, bad cables and faulty video cards. We can perform software upgrades and troubleshooting on all Apple Operating systems and hardware. If things seem to be running slower than normal or applications aren’t running properly then you may be in need of software support. Submit a support request using our contact form or call our office to schedule a time to bring your computer by.

Repair Services:

  • RAM Upgrade

  • HDD or SSD Upgrades

  • Apple Batteries

  • LCD Panel / Display Assemblies

  • Laptop Cases

  • Power Supplies

  • Inverter Boards

  • Logic Boards

  • Data Transfer from an old Mac to a new Mac

  • Data Recovery

  • Accidental Damage from liquid spills or drops

Please note that we do not perform warranty repairs on Apple Computers.

Managed Services

The idea behind Managed Services is to ensure you don’t have to worry about the daily management or maintenance of the technology you count on each and every day. 

  • Monitoring :  Our monitoring tool watches over your Macs looking for any signs of trouble. If an error occurs a ticket will be automatically generated in our ticketing system so that we can look into it right away.

  • Ticketing : Our online ticketing system tracks support request from start to finish.

  • Remote Support : Providing Remote Support can be much faster than waiting on a technician to come onsite. Our remote support service can usually provide the quick fix to get you back up and running the same day.

  • Documenting : Documenting the particulars of your IT environment is one of the most important pieces of Managed Services. We keep up with all of the information pertinent to the technology you use to do your job. Essentially, we keep up with the details so you don’t have to.

  • Automated updates : When we allow employees to be in charge of updating their own computers things can go sideways pretty quickly. Our tools can provide automated updates to the macOS and the other software you use such as Microsoft Office, Firefox, or Google Chrome.  This allows us to control the timeframe the update runs and helps to minimize software glitches or conflicts with other software.