Your source for Apple Service and Support

Our focus is to provide Apple consulting, support and repairs to customers in the Memphis area. We can help with those pesky software and hardware problems you may be having in your older Apple Computer or we can provide higher level consulting on how you should integrate Macs into your business workflow.

For those smaller businesses that can’t afford a full-time IT administrator we can act as your Virtual IT where we assist with purchasing decisions, monitoring, maintenance and ongoing support for your Apple products.


Apple Repairs and Upgrades


We can repair or upgrade your older Mac to help extend its life. Repair Options: RAM, SSD, Batteries, Displays, Accidental Damage from liquid spills or drops, Data Recovery, Data Transfers. Please call our office and schedule an appointment ahead of time.

Apple Consulting


We work with small and mid-sized businesses to support their Apple technology when they are unable to afford a full-time tech person. We also work with enterprise level corps that are unable to provide proper support to their Apple fleet so they rely on us to help ensure IT policies are being met.

Proactive Monitoring


Our monitoring tool allows us to have insight into the health of your Apple computers so we can head off minor problems before they become major. Our monitoring tool will alert us if a hard drive starts to fail so we can replace it before it becomes a bigger problem. Other areas it can monitor: Serial Number, Battery Health, Computer Uptime, Malware, IP Address, Hard Drive Capacity

I always find it intimidating to ask computer questions because there's so much I don't know. But Core Competent Technologies always put me at ease. They are professional, encouraging problem solvers who have an immense knowledge of their craft. I appreciate that they offer me suggestions that fit into my price range and also help me plan for our future growth. Highly recommended!! - S. Crum